Chinese abutilon flowers twins

Jin & Yin: Birth of a New Fashion Label

A mother once dreamed of two red abutilons, known for luck and beauty in China, and so, the next morning, was born her twin daughters, Jindan and Yindan.

Over thirty years later, and the label Jin & Yin is born.

The name Jin & Yin is a combination of Jindan and her twin sister, Yindan, who is her greatest inspiration. Both have quite opposite personalities and this creates a wonderful tension that is so valuable in all creative partnerships. What makes the name even more interesting is that Jin & Yin translates into English as Gold and Silver. And this nicely sums up the attitude of the brand — elegantly eccentric on the outside and optimistically self-assured on the inside.

As a Chinese fashion stylist living in Sydney, Jindan Sun has seen first-hand the recent decade’s attitude shift from dominant western-centric cultural aesthetic to a mix of east and west. So it comes naturally to Jindan to weave an eastern zen aesthetic that reflects control, subtlety and balance with a western zest aesthetic of freedom, openness and individuality.

Jin & Yin is a fashion statement expressing not only the designer’s own aesthetic but also that of the wearer — the self-assured woman, a person who knows what she wants and wants no less.

The Feeling Behind the Jin & Yin Look

Self-Awareness, Renewal, Vision — In one word: Empowerment.

The Jin & Yin collection is created to bring out one’s best features and qualities. Every one of us has complimentary highlights in our figure; it’s all about proportions.

This label appeals to the knowing woman, one who utilises her strengths and talents to make her own way in the world. She is a catalyst for change toward a new paradigm of female self-determination. The Jin & Yin label is Jindan’s creative leap forward into the fashion world; Jindan brings with her a knowing eye for style and design that truly reflects the aspirations and achievements of the knowing woman  — the renaissance woman.